10 Fun Math Games for Your Gameschool

Using games to introduce and reinforce skills to your child helps to make learning fun. Math can be challenging for many kids, but by picking one or two games, you can help your child become more confident with a particular skill, such as addition, in a fun and non-stressful environment. 

10 Math Games for Gameschool

1. Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp is a game that my young kids enjoy. This game encourages basic math drills through gameplay. Your child has to use basic addition and subtraction, and it's great for kids ages 5+. 

2. Prime Climb 

If you have kids around 10 years old and up, Prime Climb is a colorful math board game that uses multiplication skills. Kids have to roll the dice, and then add, subtract, multiply, and divide using the color coding. 

3. Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose is a fun card game for kids. The Greek God leaves Mount Olympus, and your child has to add numbers to climb the mountain. You can grab Zeus when you have multiples of 10. The game is ideal for kids 8+ years. 

4. Loose Change

Kids need to learn how to add up money. Loose Change is a card game that helps your child learn that skill. Each of the cards contains nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars. The goal is to be the first person with a pile of cards that adds up to exactly one dollar, but you can't exceed the value of one dollar! 

5. Money Bags

Learning Resources makes some of the best games, such as Sum Swamp, and Money Bags is another one of their math games that I love. Kids collect, count, and exchange money until the end of the game, so it's a fantastic way to practice those money counting skills. Kids age 7+ will love this game! 

6. Qwixx

Some math games aren't so fun for adults, but Qwixx is a game that all ages can enjoy. It's a quick-playing dice game where everyone participates. Each decision you make is important! The more numbers you cross off, the more points you score. There isn't any downtime between turns either. 

7. Farkle 

Our family found Farkle when we went camping, and it quickly became one of our favorite math games for our family. You have to roll the dice and hope for awesome scoring combinations. You can play it safe and keep your points or keep rolling and risk losing it all. Farkle is for kids ages 8+. 

8. Sleeping Queens

For kids ages 8+, Sleeping Queens is a card game as well as a game of strategy. Your child has to wake up the Queens using strategy and luck. The player who wakes up the most queens wins. 

9. Kingdomino

Kingdomino is a family-favorite game when the player has to expand their kingdom. You have to create large areas of specific landscape types and score the right amount of points to win. That means your child has to keep track and add up the points to figure out his best tactics to win. 

10. Math Dice Jr

Our last pick for the best math games for gameschool is Math Dice Jr. It's a dice game that can be used to introduce and reinforce early math skills in children. Your child has to add and subtract to get their target number. The first to finish the line wins, and it makes learning fun and easy. 

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