10 Preschool Homeschool Items That You Need to Buy

Preschool learning should be hands-on, rather than using workbooks. Learning is supposed to be fun for kids so that they want to learn. Before you start teaching your preschooler, you'll want to gather some of the best preschool homeschool items. 

Over the years of homeschooling, I've collected quite a supply of items to teach my preschoolers. These items are tools to facilitate learning and encourage the development of creativity. Plus, preschool is the time that your child works on gross and fine motor skills, like climbing, jumping, and swing!

10 Preschool Homeschool Items You Need

1. Pattern Blocks 

All of my preschoolers have loved pattern blocks. They can be a great way to pass the time, as your child mixes and matches the blocks together. You can show your child how to create shapes and make patterns. 

2. Letter Puzzles

My current preschooler loves a good letter puzzle. We name each letter before we put them back into place. First, we do it together, but then I can ask my child where each letter is and have him pick it up. 

3. Art Supplies 

Without a doubt, preschoolers need tons of art supplies. Construction paper, child-safe scissors, glue, crayons, markers, paint, and more should be regularly available for your child. Kids need to express their creativity at this young age, using their imagination regularly. Plus, you'll need plenty of supplies for endless crafts. 

4. Counting Bears with Matching Color Cups 

I love counting bears! They're simple math manipulative that you can use to help your child learn how to count. Your child can sort them into their color cups, create patterns, and more. You can find dozens of fun, unique math activities online for your counting bears. 

5. Books and More Books

If you haven't started yet, preschool is the time that your child should be exposed to dozens of books. Look up classic books that kids should be read. Read a few books to your child each day, and 

6. Alphabet Placements 

Kids need to see letters often to be able to identify each one. One way that I keep letters in front of my children often is to use the Alphabet Placement by MerkaStore. I give my children dry-erase markers, and we can trace the letters or circle the ones when I ask where each one is. 

7. Beads and Lacing Cord 

Beads and lacing cord may not seem like much of a learning tool to you, but they're great for helping your child to learn his fine motor skills. It takes hand-eye coordination to put the cord through the bead and slide it down. Part of preschool isn't just learning about letters and number but also life skills. 

8. Shapes Puzzles

Preschoolers need to learn their shapes. There are many ways to do this, whether you want to use construction paper or a shapes puzzle. Start by naming each shape for your child and finding the right spot. Later, you can ask your child to pick up the square or circle. Puzzles are always a great learning tool. 

9. Alphabet Stampers 

My kids love alphabet stampers. We can use them to learn letters, spell words, and have fun. We spell out names and enjoy playing with them. You can use them as a game, a craft, and a teaching tool for your child. 

10. Calendar Pocket Chart 

A simple habit can help your child learn so much. Get a calendar pocket chart, and each day change the day of the week. Look at the weather outside and list it. It's a simple item that can help your child learn so much.  

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