3 Ways to Include Art in Life with Kids

Some adults would call themselves artists, but many have never sought to achieve their artistic potential once leaving childhood behind. For those of us who are parents but don’t consider ourselves to be especially creative and artistic, it may not come naturally for us to encourage our kids to explore their artistic sides.

Yet art, like music, holds incredible value for kids. It can enhance their brain development, intelligence, emotional regulation, and the way they experience the world around them—not to mention, being creative is just plain fun. Here are three ideas on how to incorporate art into your daily life with kids.


1. Set the stage

    If you provide the space and materials for your child to work with, her innate creativity will be able to flourish. Simple, inexpensive materials like crayons, colored pencils, markers, construction paper, felt, glue, glitter, and more can provide ample substance for the imagination.

    Keep these supplies organized and accessible—if possible, in an area of the house where projects won’t have to be disrupted part of the way through.

    Resource: Basic (and Not So Basic) Art and Craft Supply List from The Crafty Crow


    2. Visit museums

      It’s possible you might have a quality art museum nearby with some exhibits that are child-friendly. (If not, this is a great destination idea for next summer’s bucket list!) Children’s museums are another resource that often include art-based activities. Seeing art in real life can inspire imagination at home.


      3. Get involved

        Ask your child about his drawing, painting, or craft. Kids often process their emotions through art, which can help them learn how to self-regulate, and can give you a window into what they’re thinking and feeling. One suggestion is to simply say, “Tell me about your drawing.”

        Don’t judge your child’s artwork; always encourage their creativity and expression, no matter what the end result is.

        We hope you enjoy getting creative alongside your child!


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