5 Activities That Teach Your Kids about World Culture

Learning about world cultures and customs is a fantastic activity for kids. They need to learn to appreciate diversity and how many different people there are in this world. It can be hard to comprehend just how many different world cultures there are in this world!

Studying world cultures is fascinating. Kids will love to try different foods, listen to different music, and engage in other cultures. If you ever have the opportunity to travel and experience these cultures firsthand, don't miss it. It's a valuable learning experience for kids! 

Before you start to learn about world cultures, I recommend that you show your child a world map and talk about some of the different countries in the world. It's best also to display a world map or world poster wherever you spend the most time learning. Kids need to see that map to help visualize all the different places in the world! 

5 Activities That Teach Your Kids about World Culture

1. Start Cooking! 

Food speaks and embodies all cultures. For many cultures, food is the basis and core of everything, and by trying different ethnic dishes, you can start to learn about world culture.

Not only does cooking with kids encourage them to learn about culture and diversity, but they also work on a vital skill. Cooking is a skill that all should know, and it encourages your children to try new foods each week.

Isn't it cool to see what kids around the world eat for different meals? French children often eat a baguette or crackers with jam or butter along with tea or juice. Spaniard children for lunch might enjoy a cup of soup or a pasta dish and a dessert, such as fruit or cheese. 

2. Learn to Songs in Different Languages from Different Cultures

Learning songs and silly sayings in different languages is fun! Think of some songs that your kids enjoy and see if you can find them in other languages.

For example, something as silly as Row, Row, Row Your Boat is easily found in other languages. Kids can laugh at how it sounds! You might also want to research some of the popular songs on the radio to hear the differences as well as any cultural songs. Look up the country's anthem as well. 

3. Try to Learn the Language 

What better way to learn about a culture than to give their language a shot. You don't need to teach your children how to hold a conversation in multiple languages - that would be far too complicated. 

Instead, work on common greetings in each language and some basic vocabulary, such as food items. Try to use these words throughout your daily life for a week or two. Kids think it's silly and fun to speak different languages. 

4. Find A Local Cultural Festival 

You might be surprised to find local cultural festivals throughout the spring and summer months in your area. Our town hosts an Italian festival, and the larger cities near our home have dozens of cultural festivals that are perfect for kids.

These festivals typically have cultural food to enjoy as well as music, dancing, and cultural games to enjoy. They might also have information booths for people to learn more about the culture with suggestions for researching. 

5. Read Folk Tales or Nursery Rhymes From Each Culture 

Always look up classic folk tales or nursery rhymes for each culture. It can be interesting to see the morals and lessons taught to the children in each nation. They vary greatly based on the tales and rhymes used for their kids. 

Some of these tales also might discuss bits and pieces of the history of each country. They might talk about how the nation started, the starting of their people, or historical figures that made a difference.

Learning about world cultures is always an adventure with your kids! Take them on an adventure to different parts of the world and experience food and songs together. 

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