6 Nature Activities Your Child Will Love This Summer

The world is alive during the summer, and it is the perfect time for some fun nature activities. Kids love spending time outside, and they need to learn more about the world around them. You should encourage your child to spend as much time outside as possible. Have picnics, swing, read outside, and garden, and try a few of these nature activities.

Impressions in Playdoh

Help your child find interesting items in nature, such as rocks, leaves, twigs and flower petals. Then, roll out Playdoh onto a plate or baking sheet. Press the items your child discovered into the Playdoh, making impressions.

This nature activity is perfect for young children, between the ages of 18 months and three years old.

Twig Weaving

My children, especially my crafty one, love this activity! Find a Y shaped stick, and get yarn in a variety of shades. Allow your child to weave the yarn around one stick, over to the other stick, and back. Continue to do so, changing colors as he desires.

This activity is incredibly calming, and I find it enjoyable as an adult. You might find that your child enjoys this activity so much that he does it on his own.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Help your child keep track of his nature finds by organizing a nature scavenger hunt. You can tailor the finds based on your child’s age. For an older child, you might want to be more specific, for example, ask for specific leaves (maple leaves, elm tree leaves).

Send your child outside to see what he can discover! You can always change this activity so that you can have several scavenger hunts this summer. It is a great way to get your child interested in the world around him.

Mud Soup

Yes, it is great for your child to get muddy. Get a bin for each of your children. Collect dirt around your property and add water. Add leaves, twigs, flowers, rocks, and more. After all, that soup needs some flavor. Find some bigger sticks for spoons or use plastic cooking spoons from the Dollar Store.

Children love to get messy and use their imagination. This activity is great for all ages. Big kids love to get muddy too!

Make Bird Feeders

Birds are fascinating, and you should take time with your child to learn the different breeds that visit your yard. While you can purchase bird feeders at the store, making them at home is cost-effective and a fun activity for your child.

Once you make the bird feeders, hang them somewhere your child can easily watch throughout the day. Encourage him to watch the bird feeders to check for new birds. If you see a bird that is new, make sure you work to identify it!

Paint Rocks

Sometimes, you need a simple activity that will capture your child’s attention. Painting rocks are the perfect, easy activity to do outside while mom is gardening. Gather different sized rocks around your property and give your child a variety of paint.

Painted rocks make lovely garden decorations, so let your child place his painted rocks in your flower bed or the pots on your patio. I bet the grandparents would love a few of those lovely painted rocks as well.

This Summer, Spend More Time Outside

Make it a goal to spend more time outside this summer than ever before. Finding simple nature activities is one way to get more outside time. Take nature walks and point out interesting finds. Watch birds and prune the flowers together. Any time your child spends outside is time spent learning about the world around him!

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