7 Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

Before you had kids, New Year's Eve might have been spent at a party or at a bar, dancing and drinking. Now that you have kids, the celebration changes and becomes low-key. I prefer celebrating New Year's Eve with kids at home. We make plenty of memories. 

I do let my kids stay up until midnight, or at least, they're allowed to try to stay up. Only my 10-year-old makes it until midnight, but they all think it's special to stay up past their bedtime. 

Holidays are a good time to break the rules, even the ones that you set. Chances are your toddlers or preschoolers won't make it until midnight, but they will know staying up late feels fun! 

7 Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

1. Review the Year Together

One of my favorite traditions is to review our year together. If I have time before, I create an album or a slideshow of pictures on my computer. We go back and look at our favorite times.

I use pictures from all of their birthday parties, our vacations, homeschool events, places we went, crafts we made, and anything else special.

It's a great way to get your kids talking and to see what they want to do in the next year. They also might give you some insight into things that they didn't find as awesome. 

2. Have Fondue 

Fondue is kid-friendly, and it's the perfect snack or meal for New Year's Eve. You can use a small slow cooker to melt the cheese. Then, place out crackers, meats, and other dip-able food items. 

The other option is to have chocolate fondue. No one is going to complain about chocolate. You can place out fruits, graham crackers, and other yummy treats to go with your chocolate fondue. 

3. Look Up How Other Cultures Celebrate 

If you're interested, you can research what other cultures and people from other nations do to celebrate this day. They might have fun traditions or different food that they cook in a celebration. 

Give one or two of them a try! Your kids will find it fun to try something different, and you can count it as social studies because you're studying a different culture! 

4. Watch Movies Together

This night is perfect for a Netflix and chill day! Pick a few movies that you want to watch with your kids. Surround yourself with popcorn and other delicious snacks. Then, relax with your child around you. 

I personally love any excuse for a movie day. Nothing is better and more relaxing! 

5. Invite Friends Over 

If you have space or time, why not host a New Year's Eve party for your friends and family? Make this a kid-centered party with food that they enjoy and games they can play together. 

Kids love parties, and they'll be happy to see their friends! You don't have to invite the entire neighborhood. Just pick your closet friends and family to enjoy the evening with at your home. That also means your kids can fall asleep when they're tired, even if it isn't midnight. 

6. Eat Lots of Food

New Year's Eve isn't complete without a lot of food. Stock up on your kids' favorite foods, and have a food party. Your kids can eat chips, dip, and other yummy food until the clock strikes midnight. 

7. Toast at Midnight

Of course, celebrating New Year's Eve isn't complete with a toast. You might fill your glass with champagne, but grab some sparkling grape juice for your kids. Put it in a fancy glass, and they'll think it's so fun! 

Then, send them off to bed and keep your fingers crossed that they actually sleep in rather than waking up at their usual times. 

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