8 Tips for Learning While on Vacation

Vacation doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation from learning. Learning is part of life, and I always tell my children that you never stop learning. As adults, we seek out new information and skills. Children should do the same.

Your summer vacation is the perfect time for kids to keep learning. Learning and discovering new things doesn’t have to be boring. It should be fun and exciting! Seek out discoveries with your children, whether it is visiting a new nature location or studying the history of a location.

8 Tips for Learning on Vacation

1. Look Up Historical Spots

Before you head out, check out the history of the area. You might find that the area you are visiting has an interesting past. Make plans to stop at a historical location in the area. For example, check out a local fort or climb up a lighthouse. Read about the history of the area with your child. If your child is learning about the states, use a vacation as an opportunity to visit a few states and mention their capitals.

  1. Learn about Famous People

Who lived in the area that is famous? You might be surprised! Discover the historical figures that lived or live in the area. Research their contributions to history!


  1. Find Out About Local Wildlife

Chances are the area you are visiting has different wildlife than your hometown. Find out about the cool wildlife in the area. Check to see if you can find small zoos or animal sanctuaries in the area. A local beach might have a place to check out local birds. You might find a wildlife center that features local snakes and sea animals!

  1. Bring Along Journals

You don’t want your children to forget about the area and what they learned! Take long blank journals, colored pencils, glue, scissors, and watercolor. Let your children draw a landscape picture of the beach. Have your child sketch the new snake you saw at the wildlife center. An older child can write details about the facts of the area. Later, the journal acts as a reminder of your vacation.

  1. Try a Dolphin or Whale Watching Tour

If you head to the beach, try a dolphin or whale watching tour. Our children love dolphin watching tours. They get the chance to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. It always prompts interesting conversations and a desire to learn more about the animals when we return home.

  1. Collect Items for a Nature Box

Give your children a box where he can store items he finds on vacation. He might want to gather seashells and sharks teeth he finds on the beach. It could be interesting flowers or leaves you find. Plants are different everywhere we go. Let your child decide what interests him, and bring it home for further learning.

  1. Discover New Museums

Museums are fun! You might be surprised at the different museums you find in an area. For example, Washington D.C. has a museum about the United States Postal Service! That might seem boring, but children get a kick out of different museums.

  1. Learn about New Culture and Countries

Some areas have opportunities for your family to learn about different cultures. For example, a visit to New York City might mean a trip to China Town. Try different food from other cultures. Make it a challenge to see how many different foods you can try on vacation this year.

Vacations can be fun and educational. Soak up the sun, make memories with your children, and seek out opportunities to continue learning. As parents, we want our children to be lifelong learners, and vacations are the perfect time to show that learning is fun.

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