Celebrating Earth Day With Your Kids

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the health and future of our planet. We should celebrate nature and talk about how we all can do our part to make this a sustainable place to live. 

While you should work towards this goal all the time, Earth Day is a particularly great day to try a few activities to encourage this idea. Here are some you can try!

Clean Up Your Road

Head out with your kids and pick up trash along your road. Make sure your child wears some heavy-duty gloves. This activity embodies Earth Day and shows our kids that taking care of our world matters. 

You might be surprised by how many trash items you find on your road. If your kids are interested, try to gather other members in your neighborhood to pitch in and help clean up as well. Take pride in your neighborhood and save the Earth. 

Start a Recycling Area in Your Home

If you don't recycle, now is the time to start. Get your kids involved and start recycling in your home. Pick an area to place a few bins and show your children how to sort the recyclable items. 

Check to see if you have a recycling center in your town that offers tours. Some recycling facilities will speak to kids about the importance of recycling. They can show your child how the process works and what happens with the items. 

Plant a Tree

Trees are one of the most important parts of our Earth. Without trees, we wouldn't have clean air, habitats for homes, and so much more. Planting a tree helps to add to the health and wellness of the Earth. 

Now is a great time to talk to your kids about deforestation and how it contributes to greenhouse gases. Did you know 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation? 

Come Up With a Plan to Decrease Waste 

Kids can create the best plans when they put their mind to a task. So, come up with a plan to decrease waste in your home with your kids.

That might be creating a compost in your backyard to help with kitchen scraps. Your family might decide to ditch plastic bags for good or purchase reusable water bottles to get rid of using the tossable bottles for good. 

Ride Bikes for the Day 

If you live in the city, try to bike wherever you need to go with your kids or stay home for the day. Explain to your kids that fewer cars on the road are better for our atmosphere due to the fumes vehicles release into the air. 

Create a Backyard Oasis for Creatures 

Put bird feeders, bird baths, butterfly baths, and more in your backyard. Make your backyard a place that creatures want to go, and they'll be more likely to stick around in the future. 

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