Coloring: A Simple Way to Boost Your Child's Confidence

Coloring might seem like a simple and fun activity for your child that doesn't pose any other benefits, but you'd be wrong. It's a simple way to boost your child's confidence, and every kid needs that! 

When your child is coloring, a lot is happening behind the scenes, so to speak, that you don't see. Your child's brain is altering, and he will feel encouraged by his improvements.

Let's take a look at why coloring is the perfect way to boost your child's confidence.

1. Your Child Will See the Improvement

Over time, as your child's fine motor skills improve, your child will see the differences in his work. He will know that his work has improved, and that's a confidence booster!

Hold onto artwork as your child creates it - not all pieces! Later, you and your child can compare his coloring skills or creativity as he gets older. Chances are your child will feel impressed with himself at the improvements made. 

2. His Handwriting Will Improve

Coloring improves dexterity, hand strength, and attention to detail. Each time your child colors on a coloring mat or a coloring book, he is working on his dexterity and hand strength. 

3. It Encourages Creativity 

Kids love to be creative, and when they get their creative juices flowing, it makes them feel good about themselves. They get to experiment and try different artistic methods. That feels good, plus they're learning. Kids feel proud of themselves when they use their creativity to create something. 

4. Coloring Improves Hand to Eye Coordination 

It's easy to forget just how much concentration and coordination it takes to put crayon to paper. Your child has to hold the crayon or colored pencil correcting, and more it just right to keep it within the lines. If your child is trying to paint a line, he has to be diligent and work slowly.

These tasks foster and strengthen his hand to eye coordination. While he might not know it, coloring will help with later skills and tasks that require an advanced hand to eye coordination. 

5. Your Child Learns to Focus and Complete a Task

Your child takes the time to focus and complete a task successfully. That's an easy way to build self-esteem and confidence in young kids. Coloring regularly and completing art projects make your child help to give them a sense of accomplishment. 

He will want to show everyone his project! That's your child having pride in himself and his work. What a simple way to give your child a confidence booster. 

When you comment on your child's work, be sure to say more than just "good job." Make specific comments such as:

  • I like your use of color in your painting.
  • You stayed in the lines very well.
  • The flower in your picture looks so real.

Try to be specific, and it'll give your child more confidence. 

6. He Gets to Express His Feelings 

Art is a form of expression. Famous artist for centuries used their art to express their feelings, thoughts, or the culture around them. It's a safe form of expression for children. 

When your child is angry, it gives them a way to show his anger without causing problems. If he is sad, he can show his sadness through a drawing or painting. Then later, he can look back and feel good about his creation and release of negative feelings. 

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