5 Fun Activities for St. Patrick's Day

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day this year, and it's a great holiday for kids. You can make fun crafts, eat Irish inspired foods, and learn about the history of the holiday. Everyone loves St. Patrick's Day, even if you aren't Irish! 

Leprechaun Lookers

Everyone has toilet paper rolls, so making these leprechaun lookers is a simple craft for kids. You can use whatever decorations available, such as sequins, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and more. The instructions are easy to follow. Love Your Littles created an awesome tutorial to follow. Your kids will run around all day with them! 

Paper Plate Rainbow Pot of Gold

Everyone knows the stories about the pot of gold located at the end of a rainbow. Your child can have their own pot of gold with this adorable craft created by Crafty Morning. You cut out a rainbow from a paper plate, attach a cloud on one side, and created a pretend pot of gold on the other side. Cute and easy - what more could you want? 

Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wand

Every child loves a shaker wand. They'll run around the house, driving you nuts, but it's a fun craft to make with your children. Happy Mothering shows us how to make these. You need supplies such as paper towel tubes, craft paint, gold bells, gold pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and gold glitter. While you do have to purchase a few special items to make these, it's well worth it. 

Rainbow Craft with Pipe Cleaners

If you have preschoolers, you will love the rainbow craft. Preschool Inspirations show us how to cut out a cloud from white card stock or white poster board. Then, you need to use a hole punch to create holes to loop the pipe cleaners. Preschoolers can easily bend and twist the pipe cleaners into form. 

Leprechaun Hat 

Making leprechaun hats from craft sticks is an easy craft for young and older kids. First, they need to paint the craft sticks green and glue them in place. Then, using construction paper, create a black and gold buckle. This craft makes a great display on the refrigerator or in your child's room. Resourceful Mama offers an easy tutorial to follow. 


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