Fun Learning Activities for Fall

Fall is officially in full swing, and now is the perfect time to grab your PSL and do some fun, educational activities together! Here are some of our favorite ideas for family bonding over fall learning:

For preschoolers:

This adorable roly-poly acorn art will be a blast for your toddler.

For a farm-themed sensory activity, try making a corn bin for hauling. (You might want to take this one outside!)

Candy corn learning printables are an amazing idea, am I right? What toddler (or parent) is going to complain about educational candy activities?

I really want to do these cute pumpkin patch footprints (or handprints) with my toddler. Simple, sweet, and not too messy!

For the whole family:

Pine cone bird feeders are a perennial classic, and fall is the perfect time to make them!

These autumn trees made with dried leaves are so pretty, and would be a lovely addition to a fireplace mantel.

If you’d like more fall-themed food ideas, try visiting an orchard and then getting in the kitchen with these apple recipes you can make together!

Follow up your delicious autumnal baked goods with some maple hot chocolate.

For a craft that doubles as decor, try these whimsical tissue paper fall wreaths.

Getting outside is one of the best parts of the season, and taking a nature walk or hike is a good way to point out all those beautiful fall colors. Here are some tips on hiking with kids.

To help your kids learn more about the yearly calendar, months, and seasons, don’t forget to check out our educational placemats that include days of the week, months of the year, and more!

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