Fun Ways for Kids to Learn the Solar System

Learning the solar system is one subject that almost all kids find interesting. The solar system and astronomy, in general, is a beloved science topic. It's fun to imagine the distant planets, our huge sun, the stars, black holes, and more.

Who can blame them? Even adults find the solar system fascinating. It's hard to process how different all of the planets are, and it feels like you're learning about some Sci-FI movies. The solar system is real, and it's a fascinating topic for your child. 

If it's hard to find inspiration for teaching your kids about the solar system, here are some methods I've tried with my children. 

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Solar System

1. Teach the Planets in Order

Don't be tempted to start teaching your child about the Earth first because we live here. It's best to teach the planets in order to make it easier to memorize. 

The order of the planets is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. 

2. Make a Solar System Model

The classic project for anyone learning about the solar system is to make a solar system model. There are many ways to do this. Our family used different sized styrofoam balls that we painted to match the colors of the planet as best we could. Then, we hung them from a rod and displayed it in our homeschool area.

However, there are so many other ways to make a solar system model. The most important thing about this project is to have fun and to put the planets in order. It's good practice! 

3. Watch Videos about Each Planet

Each planet is different and fascinating. From the terrain to the atmosphere and even the variance in temperature, so take the time to learn about each planet. 

One way that you can do that is to watch videos about each planet. YouTube has dozens of videos about each planet, and many are created specifically with younger kids in mind. They tell interesting facts about the planet that young kids will want to know, along with detailed pictures. 

4. Make a Poster Board Solar System 

Even if we make a solar system model, I also like to make a poster board display. These can be hung in their rooms or in your homeschool area. 

All you need to do is cut circles out that represent each planet and the sun. Make sure you change the size of the circle to represent the size of the planet. Then, your child can color each planet and glue it on the poster board. Make sure that your child labels each planet correctly and puts them in order. 

If you don't want to make a poster board, buy one to hang in your child's room! Check out the poster boards by merka

5. Learn about the Sun and Stars 

While you might just think of the planets when you envision the solar system, there is so much more to it. The sun is the center of our solar system, and kids love to hear about the stars. 

Don't stop there! If your child is interested, continue to learn about meteors, asteroids, black holes, and more. Astronomy is fascinating, and you can find endless amounts of activities to try and facts to learn. 

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