7 Games and Activities with Snow

If winter means anything, it means there will be plenty of snow. Rather than being upset with the snow, use it to your advantage and find fun games and activities with snow. Snow can even be educational.

Let's take a look at some games and activities with snow that can be break up the somber mood of winter.

7 Games and Activities With Snow

1. Have a Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are classic games with snow. You might have to help your child learn how to make snowballs, but they'll learn quickly.

If you have a baseball bat, your child can try to it the snowball with a bat. Call all of your kids' friends over for a crazy snowball fight. Just make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate for everyone. 

2. Examine Snow Under a Microscope

You might have to bring the microscope outside, depending on the temperatures. First, try to bring the snow instead and quickly put it under a microscope. You might be able to see the crystals!

If that doesn't work, bring it outside and examine what snow really looks like under a microscope. You might find it more interesting than you originally thought. 

3. Melt Snow and Refreeze

Here is a simple science activity with snow. Pack snow into two jars and bring them inside of your house. Let the one side on the countertop, slowing melting. With the next one, we are going to try to make the snow melt faster.

You can put the jar near a vent, blow on it with a hairdryer, wrap the jar in a warm towel, or whatever else you can think of doing that might melt it faster.

Then, you can refreeze the melted snow, if you want. It shows your child how water can change forms. 

4. Snow Molds 

Do you have molds that you use in sandboxes? If so, bring them out and use the molds in the snow. Kids love this simple activity! They can use the molds to create stars, fishes, or whatever other shapes you happen available for him.  

5. Play in the Sink with Snow 

If it's too cold outside to play with snow, bring it inside to you. It makes a great sensory activity, so long as your child doesn't mind being cold. You can put the snow in the sink or full up a plastic bin that you might use for a sensory bin.

Your child can have cups, measuring cups, spoons, and whatever else you have available for your child. Just watch out; he might want to do this every day! 

6. Make a Birdseed Snow Angel

Here is a simple activity that your child will love. Have him lay down in the snow and make a snow angel. Then, help him stand up without disturbing the angell.

Next, start to fill the snow angel in with birdseed. Make sure you fill the entire angel with birdseed. It might take a few minutes.

Now, you have to watch this spot for a few days. Take note of the different birds you see visiting the angel each day. You might also want to take note of the temperature to see how fast or slow the angel melts away. 

7. Colored Snow 

Give your children squirt bottles full of colored water and bring them outside. Let your child spray the snow with the colored water. I highly suggest using old gloves for this activity.

It's fun to watch the color spread! Your kids can write their names, make pictures, or just go crazy squirting it everywhere. 


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