Land, Sea or Sky Animal Flashcard Sort

Flashcards have so many versatile uses for both play and learning. We decided to use our Educational Flashcards Animals Set for a fun hands-on sorting activity. Read all about the simple set up, as well as the range of skills being developed through the activity.



The Set Up

The set up for this activity is so simple and that's one of the reasons we love it so much. Simply create three sorting areas- one for land animals, one for sky animals and one for sea creatures. We used large pieces of poster board to make these zones, but you could even just use a marker to draw colored sorting circles. We then added the pack of animal flashcards ready for lots of sorting fun.



Let's Get Sorting!

We opened up the pack of flashcards and worked our way through all of the animals, birds, insects and sea creatures. For each card we placed the animal in the correct section for where they like to live.



The great thing about this pack of flashcards is that there is such a huge variety of animals included in the pack. Each new card was exciting and interesting. Some were farm animals, some were pets, and some were even exotic animals.



Learning to group and sort is a fun way to help children develop their ability to observe and apply their knowledge. It is also linked to assessing similarities and differences, and can even help work on early numeracy skills. For example, after all of the cards had been sorted, we counted the number of land, sea and sky animals. We found which category had the most, and which had the least. Lots of mathematical vocabulary and concepts at work!



Once all of the cards were sorted into their groups, we also had fun turning the cards over and reading the facts about each animal. We chose our favorite animals and learned more about each of them. A really fun way to explore animals and their habitats using our Educational Flashcards Animals Set.


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