New Year's Check-In for Students and Parents

Welcome to 2018. Even though it’s a new calendar year and not a new school year, this is around the halfway point in the academic calendar of a traditional school year, which makes it the perfect time to stop, take stock of how your child is doing academically, and set or refresh your goals to help them succeed the rest of the year.

Here are some areas to consider as you think about finishing the 2017-2018 school year strong:

How is homework going?

Is the after-school routine a source of stress, or a predictable time for your child to unwind and develop good study habits? What time of day does your child normally do homework, and is there a better time? I’ve found that my kids enjoy homework more and get it done faster when they do it right after we eat dinner, instead of immediately after school. Since it gets dark so much earlier in the winter, it’s good to get outside after school if you can.

Freshen up your child’s study area if you can, too. Maybe rearrange their desk and surprise them with a new lamp or a set of our educational posters to inspire their study routine.

Do you need to restock supplies?

The back-to-school supplies you purchased in August may be running out or getting a little worse for the wear by now. Check your child’s homework supply box or desk, and ask if he needs any supplies at school.

Now is also a good time to wash your student’s backpack and outdoor gear, and anything else they take to school that doesn’t get cleaned on a regular basis.

Can your schedule be streamlined?

Did you overcommit this fall and need to take a step back from scheduled activities for the spring semester? Or maybe your child has room in his schedule to learn a new instrument or play a different sport. Think about the factors that added either stress or enrichment to your family life and schedule, and consider whether you should add or remove an activity from the schedule to help your child end the school year on a high note.

Is your student struggling in a specific area?

If your child’s been having a hard time with a specific subject or with learning good study habits, now is a good time to consider whether a tutor or study group would be helpful for a little while to get your child back on track. Now that you’re all set in the routine of this school year, you know your child’s teacher, and you’re aware of how your child is handling various subjects, adding some extra help can really give her that boost to succeed academically.

We hope you have a great year in school! Happy 2018!

Take care,

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