Practical Strategies to Make Math Fun

Math: Do you either love it or hate it? It seems to be a bit of a polarizing subject. But whether your child loves it or not, they’ll definitely enjoy it more if they understand it well, get the help they need, and view it as more than boring sums or story problems.

Read on for some of our favorite ideas and resources for making math more enjoyable.

Add movement

Math fact islands creative family fun

Kinesthetic learners will love this game from Creative Family Fun. All you need is craft foam and a Sharpie; it’s like using oversized flashcards and incorporating movement.

Use visual aids

Pool Noodle Fractions

In this activity from We Are Teachers, pool noodles are cut into sections to demonstrate the concept of fractions. Any activity that incorporates a visual resource can be helpful for your visual learner. Here are some other ideas:

Notice math in everyday life

The options are endless for how you can talk about math on an everyday basis:

  • Are you cooking or baking? Ask your child to help and include a discussion about fractions and measurements.
  • Hanging a picture? It’s a perfect opportunity to let your child help with measuring length and width, and maybe with division.
  • Driving or walking somewhere? Talk about distance, mileage, etc.
  • Trying to get somewhere on time? Help your child tell time based on the clock and estimate how much time a given activity will take.

At merka, we have a lot of resources to help make math fun and memorable. Check out our educational posters and placemats if you need some visual aids for home or the classroom!

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