Preparing Your Grade Schooler for a Test

As your child moves from kindergarten into the upper grades of elementary school, she’ll begin to encounter more “real” tests on the material she’s been learning. Elementary school is the perfect time to start teaching good study habits. Here are some ways you can help your child prepare for test day.

Review daily. If your child has a spelling test on Friday, go over the words with him every day that week. Don’t make the review session long and arduous; by revisiting the information on a daily basis, you can keep it short and sweet while still encouraging memory retention.

Cater to your child’s learning style. This can help you decide, for example, whether to use flashcards or a different method to study for any given test. And it will help your child engaged rather than bored and tired of review.

Make up (or look up!) songs. Singing is one of the best tools for memorizing. You can either make up your own silly ditties to go with what your child is learning, or you can do a YouTube search and find a song to help!

Don’t overthink it. Cramming information in at the last minute is not a good habit go get into, even at this young age. It’s more important to keep facts well organized and presented to your child in a way he can understand and remember.

Get a good night’s sleep. This is another study habit that will be crucial for your child’s success for years to come; make sure she gets to bed on time the night before a test. A good night’s sleep will do more to help her on a test than one more last-minute study session will.

Stay in touch with the teacher. Ask your child’s teacher for recommendations on studying for unit tests, along with making sure you have all the information you need at home.

Use visual aids. This is why we’ve created products like placemats, flashcards, and posters—we want to make your child’s study time as colorful and memorable as possible!

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