Teach Your Kids The Shapes: 5 Tips

Teaching your kids their shapes might be one of the first things that you work on together. Shapes are easier to understand than letters, and there are plenty of toys devoted to teaching your kids the shapes. 

Kids love to learn, and shapes are no exception. Whether you're making a collage with construction paper or using a shape puzzle, you can find so many tips for teaching shapes to kids. 

The great thing about shapes is that there are thousands of examples of shapes in real life. Eggs are an oval shape, balls are a circle, and a block of cheese is a rectangle. 

So, are you ready to get started? Let's look at some simple tips for teaching shapes.

5 Tips for Teaching Shapes

1. Start WIth a Basic Shapes Puzzle 

When I first start teaching shapes, I use a basic, wooden shapes puzzle, which costs less than $7. Start by giving all of the shapes a name. Then, your child can point out the shapes when you ask him to show you. Later, he can pick up the shapes as you say them or tell you the name. 

2. Demonstrate Shapes in Real Life

You can find shapes anywhere! A roof is a triangle. Tree trunks are a circle when you cut them. Some leaves have an oval shape. 

There are so many examples of shapes, and you don't have to limit yourself to blocks and puzzles. Shapes can be found in nature, so take your child on walks outside to find shapes all around them. You might be surprised to discover how perceptive your child is!

3. Cut Out Shapes from Playdough 

You can find cookie cutters that are the primary shapes, and then you can cut out playdough shapes. Kids love playdough; it's like playing with gold for them. Have your child cut out triangles, circles, squares, and more. They'll love it, and it's a good way to reinforce their understanding of the shapes. 

4. Match Shapes 

Here is a simple activity for you. Have your child match shapes. All you have to do is cut out the shapes on construction paper. Then, have your child find the matching shape. 

It's best if you cut out the shapes in different colors. That way, your child isn't just going to look at the colors to match them. 

5. Build Shapes Out of Objects

Kids love to build shapes, and you can use whatever you have available. Try popsicle sticks, which make it easy to build squares and triangles. Pipe cleaners can be used to build many shapes.

Blocks, pencils, Legos, Lincoln logs, and so many other items can be used to build shapes. 

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