Teaching Your Auditory Learner

Here at merka, we’ve discussed the theory of various learning styles, one or more of which may apply to your child or student. Thinking in terms of learning styles can help us as parents or teachers to work with our kids in the most helpful way for them. Check out the last post in our series here: Teaching Your Kinesthetic Learner.

What is an auditory learner? An auditory learner processes information best by (you guessed it) listening, which includes both hearing information and repeating it themselves.

There are many ways to incorporate listening and speaking into a child’s learning process. This can as simple as reading homework aloud or having them read to you, or talking through concepts they find difficult to understand. If they’re memorizing something, flashcards can be a great way to verbally review.

Here are some tips and ideas for teaching your auditory learner:

Use music: While music can play a vital role in educating all types of learners, it’s especially useful for the auditory learner. In fact, auditory learners are sometimes referred to as “musical learners.” Songs can be used to teach any number of concepts, and playing instrumental music in the background while studying can help an auditory learner to focus.

Use headphones: If you live in a busy household, noise canceling headphones can help your child drown out the noises they’re instinctively attuned to while doing homework.

Read aloud/use audiobooks: Listening to stories is powerful for the auditory learner.


Use microphones so your child can both record and listen to themselves doing recitation, narration, singing, etc.

Teach someone else: An auditory learner can practice teaching other students, younger siblings, a parent, or even a stuffed animal!

These are a few of the ways you can enhance the educational experience for your auditory learner. Have fun learning!

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