Teaching Your Kinesthetic Learner

Here at merka, we’ve discussed the theory of various learning styles, one or more of which may apply to your child or student. Thinking in terms of learning styles can help us as parents or teachers to work with our kids in the most helpful way for them.

What is a kinesthetic learner? Simply put, a kinesthetic learner is someone who processes and encodes information better when moving.

Whether your child is homeschooled or attends traditional school all day, you can supplement their education with movement-based learning activities. (These can be fun for all types of learners, too!) Help your child to learn in the way best suited to them, and be sure to get their feedback on what they most enjoy. Here are some ideas for teaching your kinesthetic learner:

Stand and fidget: Allow your child to stand while they’re doing worksheets or homework. This allows them to move and fidget more naturally and can help them pay attention for a longer period of time than if they were seated.


Yellow brick road story retelling

Yellow brick road story retelling: To teach the components of a story, write the name of each one on a piece of construction paper (for example: setting, characters, etc.), and create a path students can walk on to summarize the book.



Word family snowball toss: This game gets kids’ gross motor skills engaged in practicing their decoding skills and remembering word families.


Place value math game

Place value math game: Setting up this game and playing it are both good ways to get your kinesthetic learner remembering place values.


Multiplication Games up the stairs

Multiplication high fives: This activity involves tracing, writing out times tables, and climbing the stairs to practice the answers.


Sight words hopscotch

Sight words hopscotch: This activity is perfect for use in a classroom or group. Students can race each other to see who can read sight words while hopping from one to the next.


Recess and brain breaks are important, but using movement in the learning process itself can be a breath of fresh air for kinesthetic learners. Have fun learning!


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