Teaching Your Visual-Spatial Learner

Here at merka, we’ve discussed the theory of various learning styles, one or more of which may apply to your child or student. Thinking in terms of learning styles can help us as parents or teachers to work with our kids in the most helpful way for them. Check out the last two posts in our series here: Teaching Your Kinesthetic Learner and Teaching Your Auditory Learner.

A visual (or spatial) learner is someone who processes and remembers information best when it’s presented in the form of an image, such as a picture, graph, or diagram. Visual learners can succeed by using strategies such as color coding, drawing pictures of concepts, and writing things down.

Here are some ideas to help your visual learner study and remember what they’re learning:

Use flashcards and other visual aids

Flashcards help auditory learners because they involve saying information out loud, but for visual learners, flashcards reinforce concepts because of the imagery. (Our posters and placemats offer key visual reinforcement too!)

Use pictures or lists to keep them on task

If you’re trying to teach your visual spatial learner to be more organized (a common struggle for this learning style), create a list for them, with or without pictures. This will help them visualize their routine so they can be more consistent.

Encourage doodling, drawing, and lettering

Give your child tools to harness their big-picture thinking and spatial reasoning (see Teach Thought for more).

Links and activities for visual learners:

These are a few of the ways you can enhance the educational experience for your visual learner. Have fun learning!

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