The Vikings! 7 Books for Your Kids

History doesn't have to be boring, and teaching your kids about the Viking can be fun. There are many ways to introduce the Vikings, including reading these 7 books to your child. 

I'm a history buff, so I like to find fun books for my kids to read. The Vikings are a true, yet romanticized, period in history. The tales can be gory, but the idea of riding boats to find new lands pique a child's interest, especially boys. Who doesn't like a bit of adventure? 

Plus, we need to teach true history, so we need to teach our kids that The Vikings founded North America first, not Christopher Columbus! The earliest contact was made by Leif Eriksson, a fierce Viking and child of Erik the Red. 

If you're teaching your child about the Vikings this year, be sure to include these books for readings and research. 

7 Books about The Vikings for Kids

1. National Geographic Kids: Everything Vikings by Nadia Higgins

Every well-rounded library needs some resource books where you can look up answers for your child. National Geographic is known for producing factual books with stunning visuals. The book covers the facts about the Vikings past, their lifestyle, and conquests. 

2. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Viking Explorer! by Andrew Langley

You Wouldn't Want to Be is a fantastic series with options for dozens of time periods. It's an interactive book for ages 8-12 that invites your child to become the main character. It covers the lifestyle of the Vikings, what they did, and some of the unpleasant parts of this phase in history. 

3. Guts & Glory: The Vikings by Ben Thompson

For ages 8+ years old, Ben Thompson takes young readers through the Vikings lives back then. Whether ax-wielding or plundering cities, the Vikings were fearsome. The book is action-packed with tales of incredible Vikings throughout history. 

4. National Geographic Readers: Vikings (L2) by Libby Romero

If you have a new reader, the National Geographic Readers book is a great way for your child to enjoy a simple book that he can read about the topic. It's also a simple book to read if you have younger kids tagging along for the lessons. The book covers how the Vikings lived, worked, and played, exploring their history and culture. 

5. Leif the Lucky by Ingri D'Aulaire 

Ingri D'Aulaire does a fantastic job presenting a beautifully illustrated book with the fascinating story of Leif Eriksson. Leif the Lucky follows the story of Leif who sailed with his father and a Viking crew to Greenland then further into the continent of America. 

6. D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths by Ingri D'Aulaire

When you're studying the Vikings, it's important to learn that they believed in different myths than we do nowadays. Their myths and gods affected their lives greatly. This book does a fantastic job of introducing children to Norse legends, such as the story of Odin.

7. Who Was Leif Erikson? by Nico Medina 

Leif is, perhaps, the most famous of all of the Vikings. If you want your child to learn more about his life, Medina does a great job telling the story of his life. It provides a detailed account of what his life was like during the time of the Vikings. 

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