Things that Teachers Want Parents to Know

Teachers play a vital role in our child's life. They are with our children five days a week for several hours. We often wonder what things that teachers want parents to know! After all, teachers prepare our kids for the future in a safe environment! 

So, if you've ever wanted a snapshot in a teacher's mind, here is what you need to know.

We Care About Our Students' Well-Being

Our students aren't just numbers or names in a book; they are humans we care about each day. We want to see them succeed in all parts of our lives. When your child is sick or having a bad day, we do care. 

We Don't Love Homework 

We may assign homework, but that doesn't mean we always want to do so. Some districts require homework. We know that homework can be a drag and cause problems at home. Reading is an important task, but teachers don't always want to create that dread and fights at home!

Not Everything Your Child Says Is True

Kids lie or exaggerate. What your child tells you may be true, or he could be exaggerating. If you are concerned with an incident or something that your child says, that's OK! Teachers love that parents are involved, but don't send nasty emails! Instead, ask for details about a situation to see what happened. 

Teaching Is a Get Rich Scheme

Trust me; no one becomes a teacher to become rich. Fact is, most of the salaries suck. Teachers pick this career because they have a passion for education and children. People love to claim that teachers (who are supposedly "mean") are doing the job solely for the money. 

We Prefer Parents That are Kind 

We prefer parents who are friendly rather than jerks. That's a simple thing to understand. We all have the same goal in mind - we want your child to succeed. If there is a situation at home, we all need to be civil and kind together. Setting an example for our kids about how to handle problems is crucial for success. 

A B- in Elementary Means Nothing

Listen, we understand that you want your child to succeed; so do we! However, the chances of your child's B- in science in 2nd grade means nothing. Admissions counselors at colleges will not look at your child elementary grades. They won't even ask for their report cards before high school. 

We Have Families As Well

Teachers have regular lives as well, and teaching is our career. When we clock out, we want to spend time with our families. If you don't respond to your email, that's probably because we are with our families as well. So, please don't expect us to reply at all hours of the day. 

Kids Repeat Everything

Parents already know that this is the truth. So, if you don't want your child to tell us something, it's best to keep it a secret. Kids have no idea that they shouldn't tell us something! 

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