Transitioning From Summer to Back to School

Summer is winding down, and it is time to get your child ready to head back to school. Most kids need a transitional period before going back to school, so plan to start a few weeks beforehand.

A week is the minimum transitional time, but then that might be too fast for some kids. A slow transition tends to be best for kids, no matter their age. Here are some helpful tips to help ease the transition.

Identify with Their Anxiety

Going back to school can be an anxious time, especially for young kids. Each new grade level feels daunting and scary; they don't know what to expect. Talk to your child about fun things to look forward to this year, whether that is playing at recess or joining a new club they want to try.

Ease into The Schedule

Now is the time to ease back on scheduling a lot of events for your kids that last until later in the evening. School means your child needs to get up earlier, and he needs rest.

Try sending your child to bed 10 minutes earlier each day for a week, and waking them up 10 minutes later before each day. Then, make sure your child wakes up at the time they will need to each day for one week before school.

Spend Time as a Family

Shut off the electronics and head outside. Play board games after dinner, or plug in some movie nights. The end of summer is a great time to check off a few more items from your summer bucket list.

Pick Out School Supplies

Nothing gets children excited for school like picking out school supplies! Check with your child's teacher to see what he needs that year, then head to the store together. Let him pick out binders, book bags, and other fresh items he wants to bring to school that year!

Put Up a Calendar

Set up a family calendar where your child can see his school start date and planned activities. Include sports practices, club meetings, and other essential details. Kids prefer to have a routine and to know what is coming. A large calendar lets your child see his week ahead, and he can prepare for the upcoming school year by counting down the days.

Prepare a Study Area

Your child needs a quiet area without distractions, where he can study and complete his homework. Set up a desk area or prepare a spot ahead of time. Make sure you can access the place quickly as well, so you can help your child if he struggles.

Stock the area with supplies like paper, pencils, pens, crayons, and art supplies. Provide your child with a comfortable chair and proper lighting. Older kids might like their whiteboard or calendar where they can pencil in due dates for projects and school events.

Create Good Habits

Mornings before school can be stressful, rushing around trying to get school supplies and clothes prepare. Start good habits and have your child set out his outfit the night before. Pack lunches and refill water bottles the night before. Prepare an area where you can store your child's backpack, coats, shoes, musical instruments, and sports equipment. It makes the mornings easier!


Going back to school is an exciting, yet anxious time for kids. They are excited to see their friends, but starting school again is a difficult transition from summertime. After a few weeks, your child will be back into the swing of school again.

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