Winter Themed Learning

Winter may be dreary and drab since we are stuck inside more often, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in learning opportunities. It's the perfect time to focus on some winter themed learning with your kids. 

Just because the world seems to quiet and sleepy doesn't mean there aren't tons of things happening out there! Your child will have a different perspective if you take time to try some winter themed learning.


My kids love to learn about hibernation. It is one of our favorite learning activities. The kids love to read and learn about the different animals that hibernate and the sleepy world that exists under our feet. 

Learning about hibernation doesn't have to be complicated. Have your child create a list of animals that hibernate. Learn about what they do in the weeks beforehand like collect food. Is there anything you can do to help? 

Look for documentaries about hibernating animals. YouTube always has something for kids to watch about all topics! 

Ice Formation

Ice is a form of water - you know that! So, how does ice really form? Winter is a time to talk about how liquid can change to solids. Create ice cubes then have your child try different methods to melt the ice. Let them be inventive. It's just water!

These types of activities are great for little and big kids. The little ones just like to play with ice, but the older kids can note that heat and friction will melt the ice faster. 


Snow is so interesting. Did you know every single snowflake is unique? Have your kids create their own snowflakes out of paper or grow crystal snowflakes. Teach your kids about how snow is formed. It's quite interesting, and then your child will better understand a snowstorm!

Read books about snow. Snowflake Bentley is one of my personal favorites to read to my kids. 

Winter Pond Life

Do you live near a pond? If so, give the winter pond a visit sometime soon. Check out the frozen ice and see if you can notice any fish moving under the surface. Don't let your child walk on the ice though! 

Frozen ponds are frozen ecosystems full of life still. My kids love to paint pictures of frozen ponds with the ripples in the ice. Read some books and watch an educational video about life inside of a frozen pond. 

Winter Tree Study

There is quite a difference between trees in the winter and summer. Take the time to notice and record those differences in a nature journal. See if your child can find any buds on the trees, and talk about how the trees are preparing for spring even when it's cold outside. 


Do you have any favorite winter learning activities? 

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