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Toddler Learning Kit: 4 Posters, 58 Flashcards, Book and Stickers

  • BIG BUNDLED LEARNING : Our Toddler Learning Kit includes 4 Educational Posters with thin lamination, tear resistant and waterproof, size 17x22" + 58 Flashcards that appeal most to visual learners, 1 Practice Book with 58 practice exercises plur 36 Reward Stickers to help you motivate those hungry minds!
  • DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Each one of our designs is thoughtfully created from the ground up. Our passion is to provide parents and teachers with the most effective tools and methods for teaching. Parents and teachers play a critical role in the success of our children, and todays educators are courageously raising the bar for student achievement. Thats why we always consult with teachers in the design phase of each product.
  • GOOD KARMA: Your purchase helps others since we invest a percentage of sales on micro loans to help give underprivileged and marginalized students the opportunity to attend a vocational training program, university or other higher education institution
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL: We know youll love using this amazing tool. All the materials in our kit help you teach your kids in a way thats both fun and effective. Get ready to watch them acquire new knowledge right before your eyes! Related terms: educational toys for toddler, preschool, preschooler, alphabet, kids stickers, children book, kindergarten, preschool, classroom, school, toddler, baby shower, babyshower kids gift or presents

HEY PARENTS AND TEACHERS!Thanks for purchasing our Toddler Learning Kit! We know youll love using this amazing tool.All the materials in our kit help you teach your kids in a way thats both fun and effective. Get ready to watch them acquire new knowledge right before your eyes!Its so amazing watching them learn!Here are some tips we think will come in handy:

  1. Be patient! Toddlers are loaded with energy and zest for life. Take advantage of their attention when theyre engaged and interested.
  2. Start by introducing shapes and colors. Those are some of the earliest concepts toddlers can grasp.
  3. Remember that children can begin to recognize letters at age 2 or 3. By age 4 or 5, kids are capable of identifying all the letters in the alphabet.
  4. The first step in teaching the alphabet is getting your child interested in listening to stories. At around age 2 or 3, kids who are frequently read to make the connection that books contain print, which is made up of individual letters. This is why a good bedtime story is always a good idea!
  5. Around age 4, your child will develop the ability to write letters, so dont focus on teaching him to write before then. If he seems interested, feel free to continue helping him learn more letters.
  6. Flashcards appeal most to visual learners. Make flashcard practice a game, and stop when your child wants to. Remember that practice makes perfect.
  7. As always, dont forget to have fun!

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