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Kids Periodic Table of Elements Placemat

  • DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Our designs are thoughtfully thought from the ground up thinking always on trying to provide the most effective way to teach our children
  • ANTI SLIP BACK: We have kids and we know how important this is! Tired of cleaning food of the floor after they push the placemat off the table? Well, we fixed that. Youre welcome ;)
  • GOOD KARMA: Your purchase helps others since we invest a percentage of sales on micro loans to help give underprivileged and marginalized students the opportunity to attend a vocational training program, university or other higher education institution
  • BPA FREE, EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE AND REUSABLE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. High quality polymer with UV color printing makes our products last longer than our competition
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL: Our placemats also make a great learning resource or poster. Related terms: laminated, kindergarten, preschool, school, chemical elements, chemistry, classroom, toddler, kids gift or presents

Periodic table for kids

Did you ever wonder how to teach the periodic table for kids in a fun way for the little ones? Chemistry seems hard, but with the right help, your children can absolutely love it! And merka has the perfect solution for you!

Why is the periodic table for kids important?

First of all, the periodic table of elements for kids is nothing more than a way of listing existing elements by the structure of their atoms, but easy to understand. Second, its important for them to know the chemistry basis of things surrounding them. Is your kid interested in chemistry? Does he have an affinity for understanding how the world works? Of course youll surely grab his attention with a fun way to learn. Introducing the periodic table of elements for kids can be very easy and it is what the world is made of.

The periodic table for kids can be fun

Its no secret that chemistry isnt always among your kids favorite lessons. Its up to you to help him find it playful enough to understand it and memorize it. The entertaining component of the chemistry lesson will ensure your kid understands the elements and doesnt memorize them mechanically. Make it fun and your little ones will grow up loving chemistry. However, start with the elements they already know.

Go from boring chemistry lessons to the amusing periodic table of elements for kids

Some use teaching cards, other chemistry games. But what if you can teach your children about the elements differently? Try the kids periodic table of elements with beautiful images representing each element in the form of an educational kids placemat. This way, your child can have the periodic table poster for kids right under his food. Furthermore, this way it is always in the back of his mind. Our Kids Periodic Table idea was designed by teachers to provide the most effective way to teach children. Moreover, the placemat comes in really handy. We all know how frustrated parents get always cleaning after little ones. Tired of cleaning food of the floor after they push the placemat off the table? Now you dont have to worry about that.

How to use the periodic table poster for kids

Put your creativity to good use and have fun with the little ones, while eating and teaching. Each meal can become a new lesson with our kids periodic table placemat right from under their plate. Go element by element. Show them on the periodic table for kids each element. Assign its atomic number. Share how many protons they have as well as how many electrons they have in their outer shell. Describe how they are used in the world, maybe in the things or objects your little ones enjoy. The periodic table for kids shouldnt be a drag, so just show the kids how cool it is to learn new things.

Why is the periodic table for kids a friend to parents?

The best thing about this modern way of teaching the periodic table poster for kids is its play-like quality. Its not only easy to clean, but durable and reusable. You can explain the elements from the periodic table poster for kids based on what their meal is. Just think what elements can be found in their food or your home. Contextualizing each element will help your kids learn them that much easier. So as you can see, its not easy just for the children to learn. Its just as easy for you to teach.

 In the light of all this, who is to say that our kids periodic table isnt an amazing learning tool? In addition, whether youre eating outdoors or indoors, this periodic table for kids placemats are a perfect way for our little ones to learn while they eat.

 Dare to make your life easier and order the placemat poster periodic table for kids. Trust us when we say that youll be grateful for it, meal after meal and wash after wash. And equally important, your kids will be always hungry for their next lesson.

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