Educational Placemat - Dinosaurs



Educational Kids Placemats from merka When it comes to teaching kids the world around them, educational placemats seem to be a great and fun method. By introducing kids to the world in an entertaining way, they learn sooner and become more open to what you're teaching. merka has a great range of kid's placemats that are excellent for learning your little ones about animals, exploring, chemistry, the alphabet and many more. Select your favorite children's placemats and start showing your kid the interesting things around him. Why choose educational placemats? There are a lot of great benefits that come with personalized children's placemats. Designed by teachers to provide the most effective ways to teach children, educational kids' placemats have more than one purpose. They are not just great for stimulating the interest of the little ones, but also great for mealtime. Moreover, your child will not get that school feeling, but rather enjoy in a playful way the topics of the placemats. What are the advantages of merka kids' placemats? Each merka placemat is created to transform each meal into a short fun education session with the kids. You can use them for kids of different ages. Placemats are an asset if you want to start stimulating your little one's mind early. Plus, they're also great for minimizing the dirt damage during feeding. These kids' plastic placemats are easy to clean, durable and reusable and they're useful for keeping food on the table, not off it. What educational kids placemats can you get from merka? The merka BPA free placemats come with a variety of themes. Just choose the one most interesting for you or your kids' development.

  • Recyclable Polypropylene
  • MEALTIME WITH YOUR TODDLER HAS BEEN REINVENTED Wouldn't you love to have your child learning while they eat, feed their hungry brains with new concepts, and become better students? Then you'll love how merka's Placemats for dining table leverages dinner time to serve brain-food learning materials to quickly and easily help you get them learning while having dinner. Just place our mat on your dinner table and watch their minds grow!
  • KIDS PLACEMATS NON SLIP BACK We have kids and we know how important this is! Tired of constantly cleaning food off the floor after they push the placemat and plate off the table? Well, we fixed that. Our table placemats have silicone suction back that prevents accidents on the table. You’re welcome ;)
  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE Wipe clean our plastic placemats with a damp cloth. High-quality polymer with UV color printing and high quality materials make our place mats for kitchen table last longer than our competition. We care about our environment so our placemats for kids are not disposable they are reusable and recyclable.
  • BPA FREE Our main concern is health and safety. Our table mats for kids are made of premium quality, 100% safe plastic, BPA free.
  • AMAZING LEARNING RESOURCE Support your toddler mealtimes table using our kids educational placemats designer set. Have your kid enjoy its dinner time with this beautiful dinosaur design. This design includes your kids favorite dinosaurs like T-Rex Triceratops and Velociraptor. Use them as a kids table cover and decorated your toddler table. This placemat is great for party decorations to use them on your kids table or as wall decorations. Perfect for +3 year old kids who love dinosaur toys.