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Learn about the United States of America - 6 Educational Posters size 17x22"

  • DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Our designs are thoughtfully thought from the ground up thinking always on trying to provide the most effective way to teach our children
  • THIN PLASTIC LAYER ON BOTH SIDES, WATERPROOF AND TEAR RESISTANT: We take the quality of our products very seriously, so we invest in R&D of high-quality materials and printing methods.
  • GOOD KARMA: Your purchase helps others since we invest a percentage of sales on micro loans to help give underprivileged and marginalized students the opportunity to attend a vocational training program, university or other higher education institution
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL: Our Posters make a great learning resource focused on different learning topics . Related terms: bundle posters, classroom materials, homeschooling, laminated, kindergarten, school, classroom, kids gift or presents, home schoolers, home schooling, multiplication tables and charts, Class Supplies, Presidents of the United States, How to elect a Presidents in USA, Government Powers, American Symbols, Pledge, Flag

6 USA Educational Classroom Posters - Includes: Presidents of the Un...can Symbols, USA Flag, Branches of Government and more - Size 17x22"

Each and every material in this set has been designed to provide fun and impactful learning opportunities for kids. We know youll enjoy watching them grow in their knowledge and participating in the experience together. Theres nothing more rewarding than watching your child learn!

Here are some facts about our USA Poster Set, and tips for putting this resource to work!

This set teaches your child facts about the U.S., including the name of each President and the name of each state and its capital. Learning this much information can be a bit daunting; thats why weve tried to make it as fun and interactive as possible with our visual tools! Were big fans of the full-size posters, their size is 17 by 22 inches! Theyre a great addition to any learning environment, a convenient tool for review, and theyre designed in our signature colorful and attractive style.Start small by practicing these facts a little every day. You can always revisit them the next day. Simple, positive repetition will help your childs amazingly pliable brain remember new facts in no time!Our United States Learning Poster Set was designed for ages 6 and up. Use it in the classroom or at home to supplement your childs learning and them develop an early interest in geography and their place in the world.As always, dont forget to have fun!

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