merka Yoga Flashcards 50 Cards Asana Poses


  • YOGA INSTRUCTIONS AND ILLUSTRATIONS Learn and practice yoga with this card set. Each card has a yoga pose illustrated with instructions and indications on how to perform it, Sanskrit names, it's benefits, and contraindications. Find this set classified in three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
  • INCREASE MOBILITY AND REDUCE STRESS WITH GREAT YOGA SEQUENCING CARDS include yoga practice into your daily routine with our yoga pose cards. You will find four yoga flows, such as the Sun Salutation, which will help you focus on strength, flexibility, stress, and mobility.
  • MANY COMBINATIONS FOR EACH DAY You can use our yoga sequences or use the 45 yoga cards to create your combinations. Focus on your objectives, and build many routines as possible. Each card has the right information that will help you through your practice.
  • SCREEN-FREE YOGA Our cards hand-sized, printed with high-quality materials, which lets you use them and take them wherever you go. Experience a screen-free yoga routine outdoors, and connect with nature. Since you don't need equipment, it's easy to practice yoga peacefully in your chosen environment.
  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN INCLUDES VIDEOS WITH HOW TO'S FOR EACH POSE These cards are designed for women who take action and set health goals. All cards have videos explaining each yoga pose. If you are a beginner, use these videos to complement your daily practice or improve your technique.