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Time, Calendar, Seasons and Money Educational Kids Placemats

  • PLANNED BY TEACHERS: Our placemat designs were created from the ground up; the emphasis is always on trying to provide the most effective way to teach our children.
  • NO-SLIP: We have kids and we know how important this factor is! Tired of cleaning food of the floor after they push the placemat off the table? Consider this problem solved!
  • GIVE BACK: Buying a placemat helps others since we invest a portion of the sale on micro loans to help give underprivileged and marginalized students the chance to attend a vocational training program, university, or other higher education institution.
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL: These placemat products also make a fantastic learning resource or poster. Related terms include preschool, laminated, school, kids gift or presents, kindergarten, classroom, and the teach my toddler learning kit.
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL: Our placemats also make a great learning resource or poster. Related terms: laminated, kindergarten, preschool, school, classroom, toddler, kids gift or presents

Educational Kids Placemats from merka


No matter how old your child is, its important to subtly reinforce what theyre learning in school. Our convenient and effective Time, Calendar, Seasons and Money Educational Kids Placemats offer a fun, unobtrusive learning experience. These colorful, animated, and kid-friendly placemats are truly helpful for learning important concepts, like telling time and counting money! 

Educational placemats are a great and fun method when it comes to teaching kids the world around them.   

Kids learn sooner and become more open to what youre teaching when theyre  exposed to the world in an entertaining way. 

merka has a wonderful range of childrens placemats that are excellent for learning. Your little ones will learn about a variety of subjects. Select your favorite childrens placemats (animals, exploring, chemistry, the alphabet, and many more) and start showing your kid the curious things around him or her. 

Why choose educational placemats?    

There are a lot of fantastic benefits that come with personalized childrens placemats. Designed by educators to provide the most effective ways to teach children, educational kids placemats have more than one purpose. They are not just great for stimulating a childs interest, but also great for mealtime. Moreover, your child will not get that school feeling, but rather enjoy in a playful way the topics of the placemats. What are the advantages of merka kids placemats?Each merka placemat is created to transform each meal into a short fun education session with the kids. You can use them for kids with different ages. Toddler placemats are an asset if you want to start stimulating your littles one's mind early. Plus, theyre also great for minimizing the dirt damage during feeding. These kids plastic placemats are easy to clean, durable and reusable and theyre useful for keeping food on the table, not off it. What educational kids placemats can you get from merka?The merka BPA free placemats come with a variety of themes. Just choose the one most interesting for you or your kids development. You can opt for explorer educational kids placemat sets, for toddler placemats that educate about animals, for kids periodic table of elements placemats and many other. If you aim to begin teaching the alphabet, then choose a letters kids placemat that has the alphabet on it.For geography, the map educational kids placemats are a wonderful addition and can raise a little explorer. You can use each of the educational placemats to provide new perspectives to your child. In addition, they will broaden his mind and make him curious to know more about other disciplines as well. What are the educational placemats advantages for parents?With these educative, fun and useful kids placemats, parents can become their kids favorite teacher. And above all, you get to spend 1-1 time with your little one, educating him while feeding him.Moreover, these BPA free kids placemats, educational placemats, children's placemats and toddler placemats are covered with a special silicone that makes them anti-slide. You can discover all the merka children's placemats themes on the website and just get the perfect one for your little one. Learn, play and eat with your kids, while providing a great education, meal after meal!

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