10 Fun Ways to Learn About Transportation

Cars, trucks, and trains… oh my! Whether you’re:

  • Teaching a transportation unit at preschool, or
  • Looking for ideas to keep your little one engaged at home…

Transportation crafts are a perfect way to teach preschoolers about the world, since they are usually associated with fun and excitement. Today we’re sharing 5 creative projects and 5 picture books that will help your preschooler learn through the vehicles we see around us.


Transportation Activities for Preschoolers

Dump Truck Sound Sort (and other creative games!) at Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

Practice telling the difference between similar-looking letters and sounds by matching letters to the correctly labeled dump truck.


Painting with Trucks at Hands On As We Grow

This is such a cute idea using washable paint. You just take any toy vehicles your child has and drive them through paint to create patterns. Then you can wash the toys off later!

Truck Roll & Count at Pocket of Preschool

This activity uses miniature truck erasers to practice counting and fine motor skills. If your child is detail-oriented or a kinesthetic learner, she might especially enjoy this one.

Vehicle Name Crafts at Planning Playtime

Construction paper cutouts can be turned into trains or planes to help your preschool remember the letters in his name (it's good for practicing shapes, too).

Hot Wheels Color Graph at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

This is such a simple and creative way to practice colors and sorting! I know my four-year-old would love it. 


Transportation Picture Books for Preschoolers

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