8 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kid's Room

Kids love a decorated room as much as an adult. Their bedroom should be a place where they want to go enjoy themselves. Whether they go in there to play, read, snooze, or hang out with their friends, it needs to be just right. It can be hard for parents to find ideas to decorate your kid's room.

We recently made over my oldest's room, and that was a challenge for me. It meant that she is growing up, and I wanted to make sure her room was mature yet perfect for a child her age. 

So, I did a lot of research into decorating a kid's bedroom. Here are some of the most creative ideas I found. 

8 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kid's Room

1. Create Zones

As your child gets older, you can create zones in their room. Placing a bean bag chair near a bookshelf gives your child a zone for reading. Adding a desk with a lamp and chair creates a space for your child to do their homework, draw, or journal. 

2. Use Wall Decals

Wall decals used to be expensive, but now they're an affordable way to make your child's space his own. You can add stars, owls, hearts, and thousands of other decals to your child's room.

The best part of wall decals is that they come off easily. So, if your child decides they're no longer interested in that, you can peel them off and pick new ones. 

3. Hang Educational Posters

Try hanging some educational posters in your child's bedroom. These can be placed near his desk or other zones. Take a look at the set by merka which comes with 16 different posters, so you can switch them out over time. 

4. Use Open Shelving 

Opening shelving is ideal for a kid's bedroom because it allows the child to see their toys easily. Your child can see all of the toys and find the ones they want. If you have books on open shelving, they can pick the book they find most interesting. Make sure the shelves are at the right height. 

5. Shared But Not the Same 

If your children have to share rooms, make sure they're equal but not the same. Don't give them the same bedspreads or even colors. Let them feel separate even in the same space.

If you can, try adding a curtain between the beds, or, at least, don't place them too close together. Your children do want to feel as if they have their own space and aren't squeezed in with their siblings. 

6. Follow Their Interests 

When it comes to themes, always follow your child's interests. If your child is all about space and planets, bring that into the theme. If your daughter loves horses, you can find bedspreads, pillows, and other decorations to display her interest.

When you think of themes, you might think of characters from TV shows, but it also can be interests or even their favorite color! My daughter loved pink and gold together, so that was the inspiration for her bedroom. 

7. Create a Display Area 

Kids love to display their works of art! Instead of coming in to find that your child taped all of their artwork on their freshly painted walls, give them a space to do so. Add a corkboard or some other sort of area to display their work. 

8. Use Plenty of Lighting 

Add plenty of lighting choices for your child. Kids love string lighting near their bed. Just make sure it's high up away from them to avoid any type of danger. Place lamps on their bedside tables and desks, and don't forget a nice ceiling lamp. You might also place a reading lamp on a bookshelf near a chair. 

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